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Designer, Creator & Visionary

"Love is not something you look for, Love is something you become."

You'll find Alina’s daily mantra imprinted onto every PLW garment. The self-made entrepreneur and designer translated her life philosophy into what has today become a global lifestyle brand.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Alina grew up in New York and Atlanta. Her spirit has long since been bubbling over with infectious optimism and unbridled energy. At 18, Alina relocated to Miami, FL, where her "loving" way of viewing the world took on a life of its own.

In 1999, Alina kicked off an annual tradition of gathering her favorite ladies for a night of camaraderie called The Love Party. Every year to follow was commemorated with a uniquely designed t-shirt incorporating her beloved symbols "Peace, Love, and Happiness". Soon, "Love Party" guests were creating buzz around town with their whimsical tees and public demand was born. Seizing the opportunity to marry demand with a desire to manifest inner Love, Alina was compelled to incorporate in 2006.

Alina is proud to still call Miami her home and the headquarters of Peace Love World. As Alina's vision for PLW evolves from those initial designs to extensive fashion collections and lifestyle accessories, so does the "Love" it has become. Alina intricately threads philanthropy into PLW's business plan, championing her favorite causes including breast cancer awareness through Susan G. Komen For The Cure and a shelter in Haiti for disabled and abandoned children.

"I have always wanted to do something like this, to tell a story, to make a difference," says Alina. From her journey starting in Havana, to New York, Atlanta, and Miami, Alina has held steadfast to what she loves and believes and built a life from, around, and through. What's next for Ms. Love, aka Alina Villasante? To stay the course, and continue to spread the "universal message of Peace, Love, and Happiness."

Frank Villasante, President
Frank oversees every aspect of operations at PLW, from nuts to bolts! Propelled by decades of hard earned successes, Frank mastered the formula for growing and running a multi-million dollar business with his early start in aviation…also known to be one of the most strict and regulated industries in the world. Building an aviation business from the ground up has earned Frank a reputation as a shrewd executive and rousing business leader. Frank’s BIG passions are excellence, attention to detail and adherence to process and procedure.

Hector Cora, Controller
Hector has complete oversight over PLW’s funds and has a leading role in budgeting, reporting and the analysis and interpretation of results. Hector worked in a similar capacity at High Standard Aviation, where he managed all the company’s financial matters. He knows what will make a company profitable and productive. Hector has a BIG passion for sports and his family.

Odette Nation-Romero, Customer Service Manager
Odette oversees all aspects of customer service components, from fulfilling wholesale orders to managing the entire PLW customer service team. Odette came to PLW with a strong retail background accumulated during many years at Macy’s, where she worked as a ready-to-wear merchandise manager. Odette is a baseball mom with many BIG passions…dancing, swimming, reading and her family.