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Peace Love World Gives Hope

We are proud to introduce the "Hope & Love" shirt dedicated to bringing awareness to breast cancer issues. This disease affects so many of our friends and family members that it is our mission to give back and support breast cancer causes.

A portion of the proceeds from the "Hope & Love" shirts will be donated to breast cancer issues. Past support has been given to Susan G. Komen For the Cure and the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

We have lost too many friends women to this devastating illness but we continue to share our hope and love to the many beautiful women who are still battling this disease every day.

For those who wish to support friends and family, we are able to work with you on customized t-shirts that will also help raise funds for your cancer walk. Below is an example for "Lainie".
One of the most important things facing teenagers and adults today is the growing problem of texting and driving. Peace Love World is launching a campaign "Don't Text and Drive" with our mascot Charlie in an effort to prevent what could become the next national epidemic.

This concept was conceived and designed by Alina (while driving, of course). Miami is consistently rated as the city with the worst drivers in the United States and she worries about her three kids that also text and drive. Studies show that this problem is more fatal than drinking and driving. It affects all ages, both sexes, no matter your profession, your income, race or religion. Peace Love World urges people to resist the instant gratification of text messaging for the safety of all our friends and family.

We currently have "Don't Text and Drive" bumper stickers available online to promote awareness in addition to baby tees because your baby doesn't want you texting and driving! Cell phone skin covers coming soon with "Don't Text and Drive" message.
Our mission is to spread peace, love and happiness wherever and whenever we can. We have many initiatives in the works with the ultimate goal of bringing a little bit of happiness to underprivileged children with our program "Peace for Tots". Stay tuned for more details as Peace Love World moves forward with these projects.