January 2011



Top 10 Videos from 2010

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Happy New Year to all our friends, fans, and family that helped make this year a success. In honor of “award season” now in full swing, let’s recap our top 10 videos from Peace Love World!

10. Peace Love World Holiday Video 2010

9. Sex and the City 2 Premiere Party Video Miami

8. Brandy wants to be a part of this

7. Florence Henderson loves Peace Love World!

6. Alina dances with Michael Bolton

5. Video of Oli – The Dog Rapper – Tells His Dilema and gets a Make Over –

4. Dance Party in the Photo Studio on Halloween

3. Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night (at the Moving Sale)

2. Jeanine Mason and Kupono Aweau Dance During Fashion Show

And the #1 video from this year’s YouTube collection is….

1. I am (Video Intro) from Eden Rock Fashion show

But this one was so cute we had to throw it in (consider it top 11 even thought it’s not ours). The video is called “Jackets” by TLC. Collin and Joel try to tie their jackets around their waist while on the boat in Alaska. Check it out!