July 2011



SYTYCD’s Jordan & Mitchell Take Off with PLW

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Photo Jul 22, 3 43 33 PM The dance-testants on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” continue to kick, plié, and pirouette in Peace Love World! First, Jordan joined SYTYCD All-Star Brandon for a contemporary routine to Jessie J’s “Who You Are.” And who was Jordan this week? In a word: “Superstar.” In rehearsals, the pixie-cut Miss J sweated, clawed and leaped in our I am Funk Racerback Tank with so much gusto, we barely took our eyes off her come performance night (not to say it wasn’t nice to see the sublime Brandon again!).

Photo Jul 22, 3 46 13 PM Next, the very smooth Mitchell took on a Broadway Jazz number to “Take Off With Us” from “All That Jazz.” Taking cues to act “like a airplane,” Mitchell soared in our At Peace Pima Tee and gave the judges a first-class performance. (Unfortunately for dear Mitchell, his plane was landed as he was sent packing on elimination day.)