November 2011



PLW Does Art Basel

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This week, the cultural glitterati descend upon South Florida for Art Basel, a gathering of the world’s most important artists, galleries, and creative talents, and Peace Love World marks the event with its own exhibition of photographer Flor Mayoral!

Over the course of Art Basel, two Peace Love World locations will do double-time as shop and gallery featuring the images of Mayoral, a South Florida native and world traveler, in a show called “Plan B.”

“Plan B’s” focus is split into two related themes. First, Flor juxtaposes sightings of Peace Love World on those who incidentally happen to be homeless, showing that despite their current condition, pure humanity, spirit, and compassion carry on. Similarly, the second theme is “Candid Views of the World.” These are on-the-street portrayals of everyday life, spliced with little glimpses of “I am Love” and “I am Happiness” that spin the positive from the mundane.

The name of the exhibit, “Plan B,” comes from PLW’s Creator & Visionary Alina Villasante, who at the beginning of the company lovingly joked that if the business didn’t take off, she would simply donate all the surplus clothing to the needy. Of course, the opposite happened, and PLW is a success. However, Villasante continues to honor her commitment to charity by consistently donating time and resources to worthy causes. Case in point, proceeds from the “Plan B” sale of Flor Mayoral’s work will benefit the Chapman Partnership, which supports the homeless in South Florida via emergency shelter, meals, health care, day care, job placement, and stable housing.

PLW invites you to the opening of “Plan B,” with work by Flor Mayoral, beginning December 1 at Peace Love World Coral Gables and Peace Love World TBD. Come down and support the artist, her work, our cause, and the idea that no matter where or how one lives, home is where the art is.

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