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Parlez vous Bulgarian?

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Grazia Magazine - Bulgaria_Page_1 It was just a few weeks ago when Alina received a very interesting email. The Bulgarian magazine Grazia wanted to do an interview with her!  Peace Love World is taking the world by storm, and Bulgaria is part of it. We were very excited to be part of this magazine and even more excited to translate it into English. 🙂 Check out the magazine article below and check back for the translated version.  You can see the magazine online at

Поздравления, Алина! (Congratulations, Alina!)

Grazia Magazine - Bulgaria_Page_2

[Translation from Bulgarian]

We all learn to love as a child. The biggest gift that a parent can give a child is love.

“Regardless of where we came from and where we are going, what unites us is our desire to love and be loved. We all crave love and spend our lives in search of people who give it and who get it,” this is the motto of the American  designer Alina Villasante, founder of Peace Love World, the world’s only company that promotes love as mantra in the new century.  Inspired by the enthusiasm of its celebrity fans such as Ellen DeGeneres, Angie Harmon and Taylor Swift, Peace Love World presents two new collections this Spring – Peace Love Boheme and Love 2 Love.

“I grew up in a family with four brothers and I was only girl.  Love is like energy.  I share it with everyone that comes into my life,” says Villasante.  “I am sure that my mission in this world is to reveal the power of love every day, because sometimes people get lost!”     She believes, “The power of women lies in their persistence and confidence.”

Alina was born in Cuba but raised in New York and Atlanta. “I was inspired by my mother, who left her native Cuba with five children and has managed to instill in us the true values of life.  We learned unconditional love.” 

Alina’s new collections are covered in love.  In her upcoming spring-summer collection, Love 2 Love has hoodies, fleece pants, and three styles of t-shirts, all emblazoned with Peace, Love, Happy, Blessed, Chaos, and Light, the universal symbol for spirituality.

Her quote on every clothing item says it best, “Love is not something you are looking for, love is something you become!”