October 2014


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Witnessing people conquer hardship and find light through dark times is inspirational as much as it is empowering. We were fortunate enough to have met four standing survivors alongside some of their family members at our Peace Love World headquarters and to have the privilege to share their stories. Their time spent with the Peace Love World family was one to remember, filled with beautiful moments. We are eternally grateful that they took the time to spend the day and share their experience with us. Take the time to get to know these beautiful souls and the stories that showcase their strength in love.

M4A4208 810x1024 #IAmStrengthInLove

Alane Hickman

Atlanta, GA

Survivor, 2014

Alane is a cheerleading coach, mentor and wife. Peace Love World was blessed to cross paths with Alane at Oprah’s Life You Want Tour, at the beginning of September. Although at the time we did not know she was a breast cancer survivor, we felt an instant connection to her vibrant, positive energy, which aligns with Peace Love World’s philosophy, movement and campaign. It seemed to be destiny, not coincidence that we would cross paths with Alane again. At the end of September, we posted an open call for people to share their breast cancer stories and Alane felt it was her calling to share her own. Her husband and her biggest fan encouraged her to come and be a part of an experience where she could share her story.  Here we are now and as a team we see that she is strong, she is a survivor, she is empowered, she is strength in love.

JM4A4255 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4181 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4252 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

M4A4290 810x1024 #IAmStrengthInLove

Sofia Ahmad Jones

Chicago, IL

Survivor, 2013

Sofia Ahmad Jones is a beautiful mother of two with a heart of gold. Rania, her nine year old daughter, flew from Chicago with her to share her mom’s special story and her own experience. When Sofia had discovered a lump in her breast through self-examination two years ago, she scheduled an appointment with her doctor and sent Rania to her cousins house. Worried and confused she automatically knew “something wasn’t right.” Rania felt she had to find inner strength while her mom was going through chemo and radiation. She was inspired to be strong by watching the movie Brave. Sofia was at peace knowing that her family as well as the community would take care of her. “The hardest part for me was that I was sick,” said Sofia. There were days where she felt helpless and scared, unable to get out of bed. She feared death and  the thought of leaving her family. Coming out of reconstruction surgery, her goal was to be a strong voice of breast cancer awareness. Being a part of the Peace Love World campaign has given her the opportunity to tell readers and listeners the importance of early detection, positivity and never giving up. Sofia saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Love got her through it and she came out stronger than ever. She is a survivor.

JM4A4349 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4171 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4158 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

M4A4426 810x1024 #IAmStrengthInLove Amy Carello

Miami, FL

Survivor, 2010 

Valerie Ramkarran (Val) and Amy Carello share a special friendship. Val entered her best friend Amy into Peace Love World’s open call for breast cancer stories, knowing that her story was special and one to share and inspire others. Val had also submitted the story as a surprise, with the intention of bringing Amy on the journey together as they did through rough times. Amy was going through divorce and bankruptcy at the time of her diagnosis and this not only shocked Val but angered her. As her best friend, she did not understand why she deserved to go through what she did then cancer. “She is the strongest person I know,” said Val. Amy’s strength is shown through her positive outlook on life, the way she loves her daughters, and the constant smile on her face. Amy brought the laughs and the fun to this beautiful day. The experience would have been incomplete without this beautiful friendship to lighten up the day.

JM4A4488 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4343 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4334 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

M4A4533 810x1024 #IAmStrengthInLove

Lissette Fernandez

Miami, FL

Survivor, 2011

Lissette “Lele” Fernandez is a genuine spirit from inside and out. She has been a part of the Peace Love World family before it was even a brand and it was just an all-girl “Love” party at Alina Villasante’s home. She has been a part of the journey every step of the way and are blessed to have her share her story. The day before her diagnosis, Lele, Alina, and their BFFs had just returned from an all-girls ski vacation. Five women, best friends, on the mountains laughing and loving each other came home to unbelievable news. About 11 months prior, she had visited her doctor for a mammogram and she appeared to be healthy to the doctors. Another mammogram was done later that year which is when she was with her husband and she was diagnosed. Lele is loved by so many and her diagnosis affected her family and friends more than anyone could imagine. Her positive energy and her love for the people around her got her through tough times. She says, “Without love you can’t have strength, and without strength you can’t have love.” As a survivor and a loved one to many she made sure to show strength and love to all throughout this experience. Lele’s strength in love is how she was able to “plow through it.” 

JM4A4114 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4497 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4584 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

M4A4625 810x1024 #IAmStrengthInLove Sarah Margarida Murray

Miami, FL

The unmatchable smile that you see has been a part of the Peace Love World family since its birth and has been featured this month not as a survivor but as a representation of someone who has been touched by breast cancer in more ways than most.  Sarah’s mother Elizabeth Murray is one of Alina’s best friends who attended ski vacation with Lissette prior to her diagnosis. Being that Lissette has been a part of Sarah’s upbringing , she has become family and been an aunt to her throughout her life. Sarah was a part of the love and strength that Lele received throughout this time.  Her connection to breast cancer made her scared and worried. Elizabeth’s sister, Margarida Maria Cerqueira-Vadillo was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the age of 28. In addition to the breast cancer she had many positive lymph nodes. Elizabeth, graduated from the University of Miami and received her BSEE (bachelor electrical engineering) followed by double master degrees MSIE (industrial engineering) and MBA (Business Administration). However, during this difficult time she found her strength pursuing to try and find a medication for her sister in pharmaceuticals. God took Margarida on December 13, 1992 at the age of 33.”Growing up I didn’t understand what breast cancer was or why she had passed away from it,” says Sarah. At the age of 15, she learned and understood perfectly. She began to feel her spirit surround her no matter where she was. “Today she still sits on my shoulder protecting me. She is the light on my darkest days.” Magical things happen to Sarah everyday and through her aunt’s light she was able to find strength and love during Lele’s diagnosis. Through them she am stronger and through them she is empowered. She is strength in love.

JM4A4572 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4502 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

JM4A4362 1024x682 #IAmStrengthInLove

Join the Peace Love World at the Race for Cure on October 18th or shop our Breast Cancer Collection here. 



September 2014

Fashion Week 2014

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COVERFWBLOG Fashion Week 2014


New York fashion week was just here. Now it is time to grab new gear. You know that change of weather means new wardrobe! Spring 2015 will be coming out very soon and the styles are super cute. New York Fashion Week took place from September 4th to September 11th which showcased over 80 fashion shows by designers from all over the globe. London Fashion Week took place from Sept. 12 – 16  and Milan Fashion Week was on September Sept. 17 – 22. Just like in Spring 2014, the designers have come out with soft pastel colors with a little twist of colors that pop for Spring 2015. In order to give the style a more modern look, the brand designers have also added subdued hues, such as dusky granite and tinted metallic to balance out the wide range of vibrant, pale colors. Spring is the time of blooming flowers so be sure to find nice floral print outfits as well. 


NY Fashion Week

4cb58497627ee5b6d29348740d112f57 713x1024 Fashion Week 2014

3d65de51264b96aea2db75ba4efe2910 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

203b482e8e13b8024326ff6449b5b171 Fashion Week 2014

465cf75d6fda3e4b3d6c0acf112488fe 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nbr4zfDe1N1rmfv8to1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nbqx5bez1f1rmfv8to1 500 Fashion Week 2014

eac16ac69ca48d223d23e84a0e896582 Fashion Week 2014

ecff99f0c75418a9e28b605776d57f64 Fashion Week 2014

f986cadaeeac3a97bbc39e6d32acc608 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

2ddf87df69b9333ba949e0db03303d7a Fashion Week 2014

7b22b8656367a07521febcdf9d46c691 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

9aca26d975c251d141d00ef6adde48c7 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

68ac77eb28e70b6c4500cb9a80df9b33 Fashion Week 2014

94b81feac03650187ebb165c10081c53 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nbqwz5du4k1rmfv8to1 500 Fashion Week 2014

a3c90683a3f503fd95189b551ebaf5a9 Fashion Week 2014

a115d74d0bb03a047f4a7f6826419dea1 Fashion Week 2014

75756db305e51f51703246a1374c705a Fashion Week 2014

bf221061b92cf981883fe305161c13641 Fashion Week 2014

c81a29ed637aa73bb99ec5bbb3459644 Fashion Week 2014

d88226f4f7187fd918d756fc8e82ab58 Fashion Week 2014

f44ef3317200143038bb4085ab71aa6e Fashion Week 2014

fc259af7fe3bd0f91644370019745ff3 Fashion Week 2014



London Fashion Week

5c1c89bfc970c0bb0b9cf2507372f71f Fashion Week 2014

840a56f571ee79900fa67d74ceba2c3f Fashion Week 2014

23c73080c721c652c7455f27329d70f5 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

bf1552c55dba283a0dfe5a73dff47cbb 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

f0d68e3a65cfdc253e546e93429b3de2 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

e0b32b7e6d0aa4d71f041e63405eab7a 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

f73a8321adf8452296a24935425e3055 Fashion Week 2014

f6411746dc6d9900961f826f61242c95 Fashion Week 2014

fb1d4bd076c87e4c26405fd22e468b26 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

fe065955f9934e8fa03cabf709f4013b Fashion Week 2014

Milan Fashion Week 

139b64ed27f413a99d0a44c51f50a4c91 Fashion Week 2014

763b76860ba1eef3aaed10c66cce9242 Fashion Week 2014

939fd1d58af24eb7698b6118df47244b Fashion Week 2014

ccbec169e2be9a1a7d2d0cc0dac1554e Fashion Week 2014

dcc1c4807ec5c255a45394142ec269cd Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nc4fwdue4v1qzh0vno1 500 Fashion Week 2014

f76326e22b3d42adf97330911ff959de Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nc5bu7mhNJ1r08l9jo1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nc9sf9xEck1r91jnso1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nc836vPwuJ1seiygyo1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nca4l9RIvh1r79qbvo1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncbc6kRvjZ1r79qbvo1 500 Fashion Week 2014


Paris Fashion Week


51886D04 970B 4D65 983E 6F50F86AE641 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

AC3875D8 93FD 41E0 B6A8 FAEBE557D2FB 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr n212uc8UX71qj6yu8o1 1280 682x1024 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncibisoPFJ1qzz7zso9 1280 1024x683 Fashion Week 2014


tumblr nckaopN5sP1rz4jg2o1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncmai5TdPk1sltabqo1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncmjmmRFYq1sqm5pmo1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncmq44eRFc1sjqb0no1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncmri0bevL1ruoqrro1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncighp2KKU1qzh0vno1 5001 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncmvw9CuFz1sqm5pmo1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncnx5pd0V11rld35jo1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nco2qy7dhn1sykt97o6 1280 683x1024 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncq1ylOhmM1s8rlzuo1 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr nco53rI7sZ1tvgixfo10 500 Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncofd7jZAz1rz4jg2o1 500 Fashion Week 2014

2768F365 D8C9 4A59 B1D8 A825CE5E795A Fashion Week 2014

1BC389D3 E3A6 4F45 85E3 5E4BB96844BD Fashion Week 2014

tumblr ncofnnQCZc1s8rlzuo1 500 Fashion Week 2014

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September 2014

The September Issue

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Our Designer, Visionary and Creator Alina Villasante was featured in two magazines this September as a fashion designer that represents powerful messages that are connected to the soul. The Peace Love World family is beyond proud of her and honors her hard work and energy on a daily basis. It is both a special blessing and an honor when her passion is admired and her story is shared.  This September, Fashion’s biggest issue, Alina being a Latin designer was featured in Latina and Vanidades magazines. There features represent her soul, her style,roots, inspiration, and family and most importantly defines her company’s growth into a worldwide brand.

Latina 1024x850 The September Issue

Vanidades 1024x850 The September Issue

To keep up with Alina Villasante daily and stay inspired follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @peacelovealina




September 2014

Out With The Old, In With The New!

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JM4A9810 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

Two of the Peace Love World retail locations have had a beautiful makeovers and are now back to business! In celebration, we partnered with nearby stores, charities and organizations for our two reopening events in our Aventura and Sunset locations. Customers were astonished by our remodeled stores and its new visual presentation. They also enjoyed the music, refreshments, good company and delicious treats created by Ohh My Sweetness as they shopped. During the Aventura event we partnered with Tupelo Honey who is also extended their boutique location to the Aventura area. Proceeds from the event were given to Honey Shine, Inc who also sold their exclusive Peace Love World tees during the event. During the Sunset event, we partnered with a brand new beautiful store called Market Miami. Proceeds were given to the Cancer Community Center in honor of Alexander Abril and Briana Vega who lost their battle to cancer and have inspired Alina Villasante in many ways. Thank you for all who attended the events and having become a part of the Peace Love World family!

JM4A9828 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

M4A9895 682x1024 Out With The Old, In With The New!

MG 9610 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

MG 9611 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

MG 9615 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

MG 9639 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

JM4A9820 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

MG 9641 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

MG 9585 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

JM4A9841 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

MG 9579 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

 Out With The Old, In With The New!

M4A9880 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

 Out With The Old, In With The New!

 Out With The Old, In With The New!

 Out With The Old, In With The New!

M4A9913 682x1024 Out With The Old, In With The New!

 Out With The Old, In With The New!

JM4A9847 1024x682 Out With The Old, In With The New!

 Out With The Old, In With The New!

 Out With The Old, In With The New!

 Out With The Old, In With The New!



September 2014

Peace Love Oprah

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OprahSocial 1024x1024 Peace Love Oprah Peace Love World is thrilled to announce the creation of the “Peace Love Oprah” collection available exclusively for guests attending Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend multi-city tour event this fall throughout the United States. The “Peace Love Oprah” collection features women’s apparel and accessories, including tees, tote bags, a hoodie and iPhone case that combine Peace Love World’s signature peace and love graphics with Oprah Winfrey’s iconic “signature.”

The two brands together is an organic collaboration that makes sense on every level. Each brand represents positivity and soulful inspiration.  We both have a mission of love and empowerment. For Alina Villasante, this collaboration has been a dream come true – something she manifested through her intentions, she put this goal out into the universe!  Like Oprah said, “It is very true that the way you think creates reality for your self, there are other factors going on, so it’s not everything but you can really change your own reality based on the way that you think.” Oprah’s team selected Alina and Peace Love World to design the official tour merchandise because it was the right combination of fashion with a message for Oprah’s Life You Want Tour. And we couldn’t be more thrilled! Alina Villasante hosted 3 Peace Love World fashion shows on the O Town stage last Friday in Atlanta and will continue to do this in select cities throughout the tour, to kick-off the weekend experience of powerful transformation. O Town is a pop-up town square filled with booths, lounges, and photo kiosks available for all event attendees to enjoy throughout Friday from 10am-6pm and Saturday from 7am-4pm.The tour will now travel to seven more cities across the country to inspire thousands of people who are looking for a message and inspiration on how to create the life they want. The tour ends its run the weekend of November 14-15 in San Jose, California.  Each city will be a full weekend of positive energy, meditation, motivation and inspiration for YOU to write your own story – live the life you want! On Friday evening, attendees are treated to a welcome by Oprah.  Saturday is a full day workshop with Oprah and her trailblazers such as Deepak Chopra or Mark Nepo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell, and Iyanla Vanzant. You will only get back as much as you put in.

Peace Love Oprah merchandise will be available exclusively to The Life You Want Weekend Tour ticket holders in all eight cities beginning on Friday, September 5th in Atlanta. Peace Love Oprah merchandise ranges from $20-$60. Tickets are available at www.oprahweekend.com.

IMG 1931 Peace Love Oprah

PLO1 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO3 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO4 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO5 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO7 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO9 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO10 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO14 574x1024 Peace Love Oprah


PLO13 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO15 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO16 1024x768 Peace Love Oprah

PLO17 1024x768 Peace Love Oprah

PLW6 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLOQ 1024x682 Peace Love Oprah

PLO21 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO22 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO8 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLW2 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLW21 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO19 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

hashtag 1024x682 Peace Love Oprah



 Follow the journey on Instagram and Twitter by following @LifeYouWantTour and @PeaceLoveWorld.





August 2014

Meet Mia V.

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COVER2 Meet Mia V.


Who is Mia V.? She is your best and most reliable friend and the one that you can always count on. She is easy-going and goes with the flow. She is the ultimate tee made up of a perfect neck, length, and sleeves with a silky soft fabric like none other. She stands out whether she is alone or worn as a layering essential. She is the most transitional, timeless and classic piece on the street and can be your date from day to night. Get inspired with three of the many ways to wear the perfect go-to tee.

Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 6.50.51 PM 1024x639 Meet Mia V.

I love Sundays Black Baseball Cap, Love2Love Kanga Pant, Black I am Love Mia V, Alexander Wang Backpack

Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 6.51.02 PM 1024x633 Meet Mia V.

 I am Love Natural Boheme Moni Vest, Rag n Bone Jeans, Celine Nano Bag, Zara Fedora Hat, Valentino Sneakers, Black I am Love Mia V

Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 6.52.17 PM 1024x613 Meet Mia V. Peace Love World Black Hatoa Bag, I am Love Silk NeckerChief, I am Love Black Boheme Scuba Legging, Dita Sunglasses, White I am Love Mia V

Artist: Retna



August 2014

Style Statement

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BLOGCOVER Style Statement


The pattern has developed and tribal is trending.. AGAIN! When it comes to style, it gets personal and tribal is the epitome of you. From bold graphic prints to simple shapes and from earth tones to bright shades, bohemian chic is taking over the runway. It is a state of mind to be bohemian and is a style that will never fade.  This season our accessories were inspired by Aztec prints that are bold and detailed. We took it back to our roots and put our classic symbols together to create an exclusive Peace Love World Aztec print. Shop our bold, fun and flirty accessories available now in stores and online! Follow the trend here.

arty 516867947 north 883x Style Statement

Unknown 1024x579 Style Statement
MISSVOGUE Style Statement

tumblr n59fgtaydM1r0pug4o1 500 Style Statement

Unknown 2 1024x608 Style Statement

tumblr n23g1dyTrJ1sxp6a5o1 500 Style Statement

TRIBAL 1024x463 Style Statement

tumblr n20difEEKe1sqj5nqo1 500 Style Statement

tumblr n93efdPZN31ryq2zfo1 400 Style Statement

tumblr n9jsudbjfK1s8rlzuo1 500 Style Statement

tumblr n6fodupcZE1smwr3ho1 500 Style Statement

tumblr n6enxtjpmQ1qldxugo1 1280 Style Statement

tumblr n1dvgoYsBU1s3awqio1 1280 Style Statement

Screen Shot 2014 08 15 at 2.56.33 PM Style Statement

Screen Shot 2014 08 15 at 2.52.02 PM 746x1024 Style Statement

Screen Shot 2014 08 15 at 2.51.29 PM Style Statement



August 2014

Kindness is Cool

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Kindness is a quality that a person possesses. It is warm, friendly, generous and most importantly considerate. By definition, cool means fashionably attractive or impressive therefore, cool is a personal opinion. In today’s generation, there is a significant amount of pressure to be “cool” in order to fit in. This pressure can lead to self-doubt, judgment and ultimately bullying. Unfortunately, throughout every stage of life we learn that some people believe that being cool is acting in a way that consciously or subconsciously may hurt others. It is important that we practice kindness and make it a habit. It is essential to the future that we teach the younger generations that kindness is cool.

In honor of our  back2school campaign and those who have been affected by bullying, our staff has taken the time to pledge to be kind. Join our team and take the pledge. Those who honor kindness with us will enter for a chance to win a Be Kind Hoodie and Pant.

Enter below by commenting how you will pledge to be kind.



August 2014

Strength in Love

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JM4A5431 copybw copy 1024x682 Strength in Love

Fashion’s favorite season is here and its time to get cozy, layer and accessorize your best trends during the year of the horse. The fall story unfolds and guides your soul to find strength in love through deep earth tones and powerful motifs that touch you from the inside out. They express the connection between your inner strength and your heart. This book features inspiring words, beautiful imagery, top notch styling and the motivation to find strength in love from within. Take your time to connect on a deeper level. Let our Fall Collection inspire you to look and feel your best by harnessing the power within. Follow the creator and visionary’s inspiration here.

JM4A1291 1024x682 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 03 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 04 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 05 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 06 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 07 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 08 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 09 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 10 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 11 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 12 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 13 1024x837 Strength in Love

JM4A5441 copybw 1024x982 Strength in Love


Shop the Fall Collection 2014 here. 



July 2014

I am World Peace

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WPCOVER 652x1024 I am World Peace

Peace love world pledges to promote, spread and be the voice of peace. What do you think of when you hear the words “World Peace?” Some may say war, unity, hands coming together or even Ms. Congeniality. But it’s a concept that encompasses all this and more. It is simple, large and impactful. In reality, it’s about becoming one world while respecting each other’s individualism. People from all walks of life are all being affected worldwide. As citizens of the world, we can unite under a state of mind where we don’t judge each other based on our differences and embrace a common understanding of one another. We can live in a world where we are not disconnected by our differing beliefs and know peace. It’s a simple message for a complicated world but we can make this happen together. Join the movement by becoming a voice. The time is now. Every person on this planet counts. Together we can make a difference.

tumblr n9ebv585Yi1suc593o1 1280 I am World Peace

Unknown 9 I am World Peace

3ee351e8d53699ccc3b2916139495b05 1 I am World Peace

067fa58f6be2c5bb005ba4fd483d7fa6 I am World Peace

tumblr n8wvxjuV391qe7sn5o1 500 I am World Peace

tumblr n93dhuOlMr1srbdhuo1 12801 I am World Peace

63349137217807ac60467f42ac62b870 I am World Peace

tumblr n8pg188Wtg1qmbj9co1 1280 copy I am World Peace

f723ed40aeef76c6911db4b1f51b0f9f I am World Peace

tumblr n67zl5OfD61qfqiy1o1 1280 I am World Peace

Unknown 2 I am World Peace

WP 1024x759 I am World Peace

Unknown 3 I am World Peace

Unknown 7 I am World Peace

Unknown I am World Peace

tumblr n8yfldybs51tdh6xvo1 500 I am World Peace

Unknown 4 I am World Peace

Shop the collection here.