August 2015


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Virgo cover #VirgoSeason

We have hand-picked your birthday style to keep you organized ( just like you like it ) during your special time of year!

Earth1 #VirgoSeason

HEALTHY #VirgoSeason

SOPHISTICATED #VirgoSeason Practical2 #VirgoSeason






August 2015

Peace Love Oprah

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BlogCover Peace Love Oprah



Peace Love Oprah

A collection of apparel and home goods inspired by positive mantras from Peace Love World and Oprah.

The Hollywood Reporter has just announced…

“The O Store will include merchandise from the Peace Love Oprah collection and curated selection of items from ‘O’ magazine’s O List.

Oprah Winfrey Network is getting its own retail site.

The O Store launches today with exclusive Oprah merchandise and products from OWN shows including Super Soul Sunday. The store will also offer select styles from the Peace Love Oprah clothing line that debuted from Miami-based Peace Love World during Oprah’s The Life You Want tour.

“The idea for the store was born out of the fact that we had such an amazing product line — Peace Love Oprah — that we developed for the tour in collaboration with Peace Love World,” says OWN president Erik Logan. “We had so many requests about how to get it, that we started thinking about other items that we always heard people were looking for. It’s a combination of several exiting ideas in a curated experience.”

Although many TV networks offer online stores, OWN has the ability to pull in merchandise from beyond its television presence. The O Store, for example, will sell a curated selection of items ranging from jewelry to gadgets to treats from O magazine’s O List. The store will also feature online learning classes from OWN’s O Courses platform.

Logan says the store will evolve to feature new products but will always “have some form of curation” that allows it to provide handpicked items geared toward OWN audiences.

OWN is partnering with Delivery Agent, a San Francisco company that provides e-commerce solutions for entertainment companies, to launch the store.”

Via The Hollywood Reporter

 Shop the collection here. 




August 2015

Happy Birthday, Leo!

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Cover Happy Birthday, Leo!

Happy Birthday to the lion-hearted soul. Treat yourself to the perfect fit for you!

Shop All Leo

m4a6173crop Happy Birthday, Leo!


Make this time of year all about you, birthday girl! design team white modal scarf Happy Birthday, Leo!


Let your inner-lion out through love and encouragement for your squad. i am love white a v ella top Happy Birthday, Leo!


Let your love be contagious with flirty pieces that will make them blush.




August 2015

21 Day Challenge #ILoveEveryone

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The millennial generation brought a new point of view to the world regarding the ability to love others. We have done this by accepting and loving everyone for who they are and where they come from. With this, we will change the world.

This month we want to challenge our friends and fans to send love out to everyone around them. During this time of year when kids go back to school, it’s important to remember there are so many kids that experience bullying and abuse in the world around us. Everyone should have the ability to be who they are and live without judgment. As most of us will say and understand, we do not love everyone. The difference is discernment. We may have our opinions and feel our own emotions toward other people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to feel love.

 Today and every day, I challenge you to think about those you have difficulty loving; send them love and good wishes. During this #21DayChallenge every day we want you to share how you love someone important.

Follow the challenge daily on Instagram using @peaceloveworld and the hashtag #ILoveEveryone. After 21 days we will choose a winner based on who has completed the challenge and demonstrated the meaning of loving everyone. This person will win their very own I Love Everyone tee. Good Luck!


CHALLENGE copy 21 Day Challenge #ILoveEveryone




July 2015

Fall Lookbook 2015

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Fall15 LookbookREDO 791x1024 Fall Lookbook 2015

I believe who I am as an individual is shaped by my actions, but also by my words. If love is the language of the heart, words are the language of the mind. How do we put our ideas out into the Universe? With words. They have the power to create, to comfort, to express and to inspire. The words we choose can shape our world. That’s the idea behind our Fall 2015 collection. I loved the idea of having the garments speak for those who wear them, to bring positivity and light into the world around them and to express a glass “half full” attitude without even speaking. The color palette suggests muted earth tones with subtle splashes of pink, blue and yellow. The fabrics, as always, are for the fashionable girl-on- the-go and can be worn anywhere; making it easy to speak your truth through fashion. This fall we encourage you to put down your phone, engage the world around you and always live in the moment.



July 2015

Summer Style Guide

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summerlookslanding1 Summer Style Guide These looks will take you anywhere you need to go this summer. Shoes optional. 

BLOG 682x1024 Summer Style Guide

THE LOOK: Pair distressed blue jeans with our elegant white Ella tank.

WHERE TO WEAR IT: Boardwalk, picnic, concert, shopping, stargazing.

DRESS IT UP: Take this look from day to night with the A.V. Milano Blazer and a sleek set of heels.

blog2 682x1024 Summer Style Guide

THE LOOK: Top off lightweight Carlee harem pants with a cotton Ashley tank and soft Alexis shrug.

WHERE TO WEAR IT: Yoga, road trip, farmer’s market, beach stroll.

ADD ON: Keep your essentials handy in our new 3-pack drawstring pouches.

blog31 750x1024 Summer Style Guide

THE LOOK: Add a pop of white to free-flowing neutrals with a classic Logan top.

WHERE TO WEAR IT: Brunch, sailing, campfire, drive-in movie.

DRESS IT DOWN: Slip into a pair of cozy Love2Love light pants when the sun goes down.



July 2015

The Little White Tee

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White Tee homepage1 The Little White Tee

 There’s nothing like that tee. The one that you always go back to. It is enduringly cool, forever classic and your uniform.The one that your best friend always steals. The one you need 10 of (one for everyday of the week).Your white tee collection is never too big. Add a staple to your wardrobe now.

M4A1087 1 682x1024 The Little White Tee


The one that is waiting for you to get home.

M4A1094 1 682x1024 The Little White Tee


The one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

M4A1101 11 642x1024 The Little White Tee


The one that keeps happiness in your pocket.

M4A1117 1 682x1024 The Little White Tee


The one that never fails to flatter.

M4A1121 1 682x1024 The Little White Tee


The one you can’t live without.

M4A1130 1 682x1024 The Little White Tee


The one that make any pair of jeans look cool.

M4A1112 1 701x1024 The Little White Tee


The one you wish you could wear everyday (and actually do).

You can’t have just one. Shop all White Tees. 



June 2015

How to Wear Peace Love World

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cover How to Wear Peace Love World

Longer days means even more is possible.

Take Peace Love World with you everywhere you go this Summer. M4A0136 682x1024 How to Wear Peace Love World


Start your day with what is good for the soul.


M4A0334 682x1024 How to Wear Peace Love World


Embrace with the heat wave with lightweight fabrics from from 9-5.


M4A0679 682x1024 How to Wear Peace Love World


Less stress, more style with our after hours linen blazer for a classic work-to-night look.


M4A9801 682x1024 How to Wear Peace Love World


Lounging never looked this good in our athleisure looks that keep you comfortably confident.




June 2015

Red, White & Tie-Dye

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M4A0891crop Red, White & Tie Dye

This 4th of July express your free spirit with more than speech thanks to our selection of tie-dyes made exclusively with our original white Everyday is Independence Day Mini Mimi crew neck. Real freedom is a state of mind, an outlook on life, so mirror your inner self with the bright and sprightly style that will do it justice. Along with red, white, and blue, put a peppy twist on this year’s Independence Day festivities with all the colors that our exclusive tie-dye pieces have to offer. We tried out tie-day for you. Peace Love World invites one and all to get ready to upstage the fireworks this summer. Check out how and show your creative independence and make your own red, white and blue tee.

Post a picture of your favorite 4th of July memory and hashtag #EverydayisIndependenceDay for a chance to win one of your new designed tees or design your own. Winner will be announced Monday, June 29. Learn how here!

M4A9654 Red, White & Tie Dye

Before you start, you’ll need to gather all the materials. Here is what you’ll need:

Items to dye (usually something white)

Rit Dye, liquid or powder (we used powder)

Hot Water

Rubber Bands

3-gallon container for each dye color

Squeeze bottles

Salt or white vinegar

Large metal spoon

Rubber gloves


Paper towels

Plastic table cover

Old Towels

Since tie dye is a messy project, designate an area for the dying.

M4A9664 Red, White & Tie Dye

Step 1: Mix the dyes

Mix the dyes with the directed amount of dye and water. The intensity of the colors will depend on how much water you add.

Step 2: Pick your design

This is your chance to make your tie dye unique. Use any of the designs we picked, or experiment and make your own.

M4A9674 Red, White & Tie Dye

For a spiral design, start by pinching the center of the shirt.

M4A9675 Red, White & Tie Dye

Move the shirt in a circular motion, spiraling the shirt around the center point.

M4A9679 Red, White & Tie Dye Keep spiraling until your shirt is in a ball.

M4A9681 Red, White & Tie Dye

Use rubber bands in sections, like slices of pie.

M4A9716 Red, White & Tie Dye

For a striped design, start rolling your shirt horizontally.

M4A9720 Red, White & Tie Dye

When you’re done rolling, your shirt should look like a tube.

M4A9721 Red, White & Tie Dye

Apply rubber bands to sections of the shirt before dying.


M4A9706 Red, White & Tie Dye

M4A9723 Red, White & Tie Dye

Step 3: Dye the shirt

Once your shirt is divided into sections, its time to dye! You can put the dye into squeeze bottles or dip sections into the dye.

Apply the lightest colors first so the darker dyes don’t ruin the color.

M4A9714 Red, White & Tie Dye For a different design idea, skip the rubber bands and dip the desired section of the shirt directly into the dye.

M4A9708 Red, White & Tie Dye Step 4: Let the dye set

Once all the dye is applied, let your shirt soak up the dye. This can take from 4-6 hours.

Step 5: Wash and dry

When the dye has set, wash your design in cold water by itself to avoid dying other articles of clothing.

Step 6: Wear it

After washing and drying, your shirt is ready to wear! Show off your unique design with any outfit on July 4th.

M4A9752 Red, White & Tie Dye



June 2015

Cancer Season

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Cancer Cancer Season


Cancer season is here and its time to celebrate all the creative and spontaneous souls born between June 22 and July 22. The deep nature of a Cancer makes these special nurturing beings sensitive especially towards their family and friends. They value, admire and respect them and their familiar surroundings such as their home more than any other possessions they make come across. The characteristic of them caring for their loved ones deeply makes them extremely loyal and protective and by far one of the best signs to be a part of their lives. They are one to always have your back. Show a Cancer traits their assets and shop pieces that will make them shine during their special time of year! Shop all Cancer here.