May 2016

Mother’s Day 2016

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Happy Mom. Happy Life.


We sat down with the #peaceloveteam and asked them questions about their mothers. Watch the video to hear what they said and see their hilarious impressions of mom. We love you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

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April 2016

Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

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M4A7792 1024x683 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed Find out what Spring has new in store for you! Complete your wardrobe with the your zodiac vibes and best suited top this season.

Aries (March 21- April 19):

You will experience positive vibes this spring. Everything will fall into place, bringing you to your happy place. Show a lot of love and prepare for the changes coming your way this spring. Good things will definitely come your way- why not let everyone know! Pair our Good Things Will Come My Way Oversized V-neck Comfy top with a pair of jeans this Spring.

good things will come my way oversized v neck comfy top 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Taurus (April 20- May 20):

Spring is the season of confidence for you, Taurus. You will continue to move forward without looking back. Embrace your loved ones, they help make things happen for you this season. Cool people wear their confidence- our Kim V-neck Tee is the perfect go-to this Spring.

cool people smile kim v neck tee 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Gemini (May 21- June 20):

Your life will take a turn for the better this season. Be optimistic, the best is yet to come. Focus on yourself and everything else will follow. Gemini, enjoy Spring- life is amazing! Just to give you a little reminder of how amazing life is we have selected our Kris Cropped Comfy Top as a Gemini Spring essential.

life is pretty amazing kris cropped comfy top 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Cancer (June 21- July 22):

As Spring begins you will have a sudden wanderlust to travel and meet new people. You will see yourself becoming more adventurous this season. Allow yourself to find balance and live a little. Throw our Ashley Tank on before heading out on your next adventure.

balance ashley tank 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Leo (July 23- August 22):

Spring is a chance to try something new. Take this time to focus your energy on any new ventures and in return the universe will send positive vibes your way. Our strength Eva Crew Neck Tee is a great spring selection for you Leo, it is both stylish and symbolic.

strength eva crew neck tee 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Virgo (August 23- September 22):

Spring is an excellent time to get out and be social. Adopt a new positive attitude, now is the perfect time to change. Learn to appreciate your beautiful life and drop all negativity. Everyday is going to be a beautiful day to be alive this Spring, Virgo. If you wear it, you believe it.

it s a beautiful day to be alive oversized comfy top 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Libra (September 23- October 22):

Live your life and enjoy every minute of it, Libra. You have worked hard to accomplish your goals. Take this time to take in all the good and express your gratitude- it changes everything. We’ve got the best way for you to express your gratitude to the universe with our Eva Crew Neck Tee.

gratitude changes everything eva crew neck tee 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Scorpio (October 23- November 21):

Spring will be the beginning of a very productive time for you. Take this time to focus on what’s important. With a positive attitude anything is attainable, Scorpio. Tackle this very productive season in our Give Beautiful Energy Eva Crew Neck Tee.

give beautiful energy eva crew neck tee 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21):

This Spring will be a time of personal growth and the beginning of something exciting. Don’t be afraid to pursue new opportunities, there’s great things ahead of you. You will feel very Blessed this Spring.

blessed mia v v neck top 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Capricorn (December 22- January 19):

Spring will be a time of visualization and planning. Get in tune with yourself and develop goals for yourself. Free yourself of all negative energy. All positive vibes, Capricorn. Love Your Soul– self love is the best love.

love your soul a.v. long sleeve v neck top 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Aquarius (January 20- February 18):

You will be feeling extra positive and determined. Your hard work will pay off this Spring. Your positivity will radiate to others, making you the companion of choice this season. Spread love.

take me to where love is needed ashley tank 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

Pisces (February 19- March 20):

Think big this season. Your dreams will begin to unfold. Just be yourself and great things will come. Everything is possible- Todo es Posible. Some spanish inspo for you, Pisces.

todo es posible mini mimi v neck tee 31 768x1024 Spring Outfit Horoscope Revealed

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March 2016

Love is a Universal Language

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Introducing the Spanish Collection

M4A0294 683x1024 Love is a Universal Language

Nearly fifteen years ago, founder & designer Alina Villasante hosted the party of the year and gifted all the girls she loved a pajama set to show how much they meant to her. It became a yearly tradition the weekend after Valentine’s Day and her personal gifts surpassed the year before every time. These pieces became the root of her now worldwide phenomenon, Peace Love World. Inherently inspirational, beautifully constructed, but still youthful makes each piece “the clothes that give you life.”

The movement of the brand has become so successful because of the inspiration, transparency, style and organic nature of the brand. The woman behind the brand touches everyone she reaches.  Born in Havana, Cuba, Alina was raised in New York and Atlanta with her four brothers. At age 18 she moved back to Miami bringing her back to her roots and keeping her culture alive. We are proud to call the city home to the brand and the Cuban community. The vibrancy of the city, diverse languages and its people inspired our new collection of positive Spanish affirmations on our best-selling tops. It is a reflection of the soul of the brand and what we stand for. Love is a universal language.

M4A8373 1024x683 Love is a Universal Language

M4A8385 1024x683 Love is a Universal Language

M4A8458 1024x683 Love is a Universal Language

IMG 1489 Love is a Universal Language

M4A8413 1024x683 Love is a Universal Language

M4A8443 1024x683 Love is a Universal Language

IMG 2533 Love is a Universal Language

M4A8466 1024x731 Love is a Universal Language

M4A8500 683x1024 Love is a Universal Language

M4A8521 1024x683 Love is a Universal Language

M4A8530 683x1024 Love is a Universal Language

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March 2016

Easter Inspo

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Happy Easter!

Easter season also means that Spring has begun! Check out our guide for inspiration on how to make your family weekend extra special. Love is in the details.

easterdecor12 Easter Inspo

Bohemian Easter table setting.

easterdecor2 Easter Inspo

Spring nail inspo!

easterdecor14 Easter Inspo

Simple hanging decor.

easterdecor11 Easter Inspo

This color palette is everything !

easterdecor9 Easter Inspo

DIY hanging flowers.

easterdecor13 Easter Inspo

Adorable place settings with homemade Easter grass.

easterdecor7 Easter Inspo

Classic Easter luncheon place settings.

easterdecor10 Easter Inspo

Thee PERFECT Easter centerpiece.

Easter Brunch

Most importantly,

easter6 Easter Inspo
easter22 Easter Inspo

White and dark chocolate Easter bark.

easter18 Easter Inspo

Lemon vanilla crepes.

easter15 Easter Inspo

Strawberry lemonade.

easter16 Easter Inspo

Egg & hash brown oven-bake cups.

easterbrunch2 Easter Inspo

Simple vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.

easter19 Easter Inspo

Raspberry french toast.

easterbrunch3 Easter Inspo

Elevated deviled eggs.

Easter DIY Crafts

eastercraft2 Easter Inspo

Pom-pom chicks.

eastercraft5 Easter Inspo

Natural dye + apple cider vinegar = DIY dyes.

easterdecor4 1 Easter Inspo

Easter egg hunting for toddlers!

easterdecor1 1 Easter Inspo

Grow crystals in your old Easter eggs.

eastercraft9 Easter Inspo

Shaving cream + food coloring = adorable eggs (paper or real).

easterdecor2 1 Easter Inspo

Absolutely adorable solution to reusing Easter eggs.

eastercraft3 Easter Inspo

Yarn, glue, & balloons makes for adorable Easter garland.

easterdecor3 1 Easter Inspo

Pastel painted jars.

eastercraft8 Easter Inspo

Floral printed eggs made with watercolor and a sharpie.

We have outfits for you to wear this Easter and to any Sunday Brunch!



March 2016

Festival Style Inspo

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Festival 1024x811 Festival Style Inspo

Music-lovers favorite time of the year is approaching; festival season. This exciting time of year brings many weekend-long celebrations of peace, love, and cut-offs. We provided some festival style inspo for you featuring our floral oversized comfy top and balance tank. Live it up with your squad in Peace Love World this festival season!

Some tunes to set the ultimate festival vibe:

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March 2016

Spring Break Escapes

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We’ve got you covered this spring break! No matter the destination or the plans, we have some great spring break attire inspo for you!

Beach Bum
Beach 1024x811 Spring Break Escapes

Pair any of our classic tees with cut-off shorts and a floppy hat while sinking your toes into the sand.


Adventure 2 1024x811 Spring Break Escapes

Go off the beaten path with our black love cap and water bottle.


Cruising 2 1024x811 Spring Break Escapes

Spend a day at sea in style when you pair our hoodie and sweat pants over your favorite swimsuit.

Spa Day

Spa 1024x811 Spring Break Escapes

Relax and unwind in our dreamy comfy top and pants.

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February 2016

Hello, Spring!

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IMG 0036 1024x811 Hello, Spring!

Spring is here! Our collection’s colors this season represent a happier, relaxed, brighter, YOU. Our soft and bright shades offer a sense of tranquility and bliss. We have paired each piece with our favorite Spring 2016 runway and street style looks.


i love yoga zip up hoodie 32 768x1024 Hello, Spring!

Buttercup is the energizing and hopeful shade. This vivid color is all about joy.

AKS0092 1024x681 Hello, Spring!

82d48a6c3fb43531d7c2ad231cf6b03f Hello, Spring!

New York Fashion Week Street Style Spring 2016 683x1024 Hello, Spring!

London Fashion Week 2015 LFW SS16 Elodie Street Style Brewer Street Car Park Soho 678x1024 Hello, Spring!

Paris m str RS16 6965 2 Hello, Spring!

 Victoria Blue

live with less love more zip up hoodie 32 768x1024 Hello, Spring!

Victoria blue is the relaxing and calming shade. This color relays a sense of tranquility.

17 fall 2015 ready to wear street style 10 683x1024 Hello, Spring!

dior rs16 6074 682x1024 Hello, Spring!

tumblr o0qiheZJgw1qiihiyo1 1280 681x1024 Hello, Spring!

tumblr neppirwfMV1u3067fo1 500 Hello, Spring!

lfw street style 8 683x1024 Hello, Spring!






true beauty comes from within zip up hoodie 32 768x1024 Hello, Spring!

Beetroot is the shade of self-love and love of others. It is a symbol of love.

AKS85101 1024x681 Hello, Spring!

mar0431 683x1024 Hello, Spring!

Milly New York Fashion Week Spring Summer Street Style 13 of 17 682x1024 Hello, Spring!

covermon large Hello, Spring!

038606f6 027e 4eed 86ab 82efb34869c9 1024x682 1024x682 Hello, Spring!



floral gloriana hoodie 31 768x1024 Hello, Spring!

Our floral print is a mixture of victoria blue, buttercup, and beetroot.

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February 2016

Forever Goals #EveryDayIsLoveDay

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  IMG 3244 Forever Goals #EveryDayIsLoveDay

Graziella & Hector’s Love Story

Hilda and Mario de la Guardia introduced us at the club in Cuba and 59 years later we are still together, and most importantly, we still like and love each other.

How do you show love to each other everyday?

G: We do nice things for each other, we’re very affectionate, and we always tell each other “I Love You.” We love being together

H: Small things like a short kiss or smile that become a nice habit, that tends to ease every day life pressures.

What moment did you know he/she was the one?

G: Right after we met.

H: There was not just one moment, it was a process that created trust and true love in place of the usual initial infatuation.

How would he/she describe you in one word?

G: I have no idea.

H: Caring

IMG 0356 Forever Goals #EveryDayIsLoveDay

 Who is your partner’s celebrity crush?

G: I have no idea

H: Willie- William Levy

If your wife/partner could choose one thing of yours to get rid of, what would he/she choose?

G: Stop turning off the lights!

H: The fingers that turn the electric lights on. She claims that I turn too many lights on.

 How would you complete this sentence? My partner is a natural-born _______

G:  Gentleman

H: Loader/Organizer

IMG 1652 Forever Goals #EveryDayIsLoveDay

Define his/her perfect day.

G:  Watching football or boating, especially with his kids.

H: Day or night sharing with her family, especially children and grandchildren.

What is his/her zodiac sign?

G: Aries

H: Capricorn

Share your favorite memory with your partner.

G: The day we met and he was going to the movies and I was going to a club party. When I got to the party he was waiting for me. It was a beautiful surprise and evening. This memory is engraved in my brain!

H: When talking about a 59-year relationship it is difficult to isolate one instance as a favorite memory. In our lives together we have enjoyed the most the opportunities that we have had to travel as a family with our children in the U.S and overseas. One occasion that I can say we both enjoyed, the two of us alone was a 12-day trip to Italy in the 1970’S. It was a very enjoyable experience and we both had a great time together.

FullSizeRender2 1024x911 Forever Goals #EveryDayIsLoveDay

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February 2016

Twin Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay

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FullSizeRender 1 2 Twin Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay

John Paul & Joseph

How do you show love to each other every day?

JP: Just hangout all the time and get food for each other.

JOJO: Having each others backs.

What is your favorite memory together?

JP: One of my favorite memories together was highschool graduation because we both went through a lot during highschool and when we graduated it was like we conquered everything together from day 1 to that moment.

JOJO: Probably the day we moved JP into Clemson. I was really proud of him, I know how much courage and bravery it took to go to a completely different state with no friends and just make it; it’s something i couldn’t have done so i admire him for sticking it out.

How would your brother/sister describe you in one word?

JP: Awesome

JOJO: He’d probably say crazy or obsessive.

What is your brother/sister’s pet peeve?

JP: Me not cleaning up after myself.

JOJO: My sarcasm

3113 628043004808 2749628 n Twin Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay

What animal is your brother/sister most like?  

JP: Koala

JOJO: Bulldog

If your brother/sister could have lunch with any famous person who would it be?

JP: Jennifer Aniston or Joey Swoll

JOJO: G-Eazy

If your brother/sister were the top player in any sport, what would it be?

JP:  Basketball

JOJO:  Basketball

225348 10150624309360601 4043180 n Twin Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay

How are you alike?

JP:  We both love playing sports, boating, hanging out with our friends, and partying. We have the same type of humor (he’s a little more sarcastic than I am) same goals, and we’re both naturally awesome. Most importantly, we love eachother and will be there for eachother every time.

JOJO:  We both love sports and similar movies.

How are you different?

JP: He’s neat and I’m not. He works out and I don’t. I’m more open-minded and optimistic.

JOJO: I am more party fun and he is more chill fun.

230445 10150624307045601 3922573 n 1 Twin Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay

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February 2016

Mom & Me Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay

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aleandmom5 1 734x1024 Mom & Me Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay

Liliana & Alejandra


How do you show love to your mother/daughter everyday?

L: With lots of “I Love you” throughout the day.

A: I talk to my mom every single day about 4-6 times a day and every single time we speak I tell her I love her. Never once do we hang up without saying “I love you”. 

What is your favorite memory with your mother/daughter?

L: Being present with Ale for the birth of my beautiful granddaughter, Gabriella and precious grandson, Alexander.

A: My mom and I have a beautiful relationship, a bond like no other.  She is my best friend.  We look out for each other like no one else. When I was younger and Super Nintendo was the thing… mom and I would stay up late playing (even when I had friends over they loved hanging out with mom) and we would play till we got ahead in the game… then we would take a donut break.  My mom would take us late in the night to Dunkin Donuts to buy some yumminess!

aleandmom4 768x1024 Mom & Me Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay

 If your mom/daughter could have any super power, what would it be?

L: Making things happen instantaneously.

A: The super power of… Regenerative Healing. My mom is a Super Mom, Super Sister, Super Wife, Super EVERYTHING!  There is nothing mom can’t do and she does it all well.  Throughout the years, mom has been the savior of the family.  She has been the guardian all the way from my new born brother whom had a stroke in my mother’s womb in 1990, to my great grandmother and grandmother both dealing with health complications, and onto my  aunt with uterine cancer. All in all, mom is there for everyone 100%.  If mom had this super power of “Regenerative Healing”, it would alleviate her stress level and make the healing process of her loved ones so much quicker.

If you could trade places with your mom/daughter for a day, what would you do different?

L: Absolutely nothing!

A: I personally don’t think I would do anything different in mom’s shoes.  I love who she is and what she represents.  It would be nice to trade places to give mom a less stressful life for one day.  She deserves that and so much more!

If your mom/daughter could be a celebrity, who would they be?

L: Audrey Hepburn

A: Jamie Lee Curtis

aleandmom2 1024x768 Mom & Me Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay

How would your mother/daughter describe you in one word?

L: Caring

A: Loving

How are you alike?

L: Optimistic, family oriented, caring, loyal.

A: You never really know how alike you are to your mom until you have kids of your own.  I have found that my mom taught me so much while growing up and all those “little details” like baking, and holiday traditions, I am also doing with my children.

 How are you different? 

L: I have a strong character and she is more passive.

A: I am a “NOW” person. If something needs to get done I want to do it “NOW” and not wait till tomorrow.   Mom will be ok in waiting a day, or 2 or 3…  She calls me psycho!

aleandmom1 768x1024 Mom & Me Goals #EverydayIsLoveDay


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