February 2015



I Love Date Night

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Here at Peace Love World we love everything especially Sundays, Family, and Date Night! No matter how chaotic life gets,  it’s always important to spend quality time to show love to your significant other, or even single ladies love having quality date night with their girls!  This is the perfect way to have that time to truly connect, relax, laugh and just enjoy each other’s company. Date night doesn’t always have to be fancy; it can be as simple as grabbing ice cream together or taking a stroll as the sun sets. As spring approaches, the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the options for date night are endless! From enjoying a movie to enjoying a picnic at the park, there are so many fun date ideas to try out this spring season. Here is some inspiration and the perfect tee for you to wear!


1. Eat In. Staying in for dinner can be even more fun than going out. Cook a delicious  dinner using fresh spring ingredients like asparagus, mint, and fresh green snap peas. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and serve your delicious dinner outside on a candlelit table accompanied by a glass of his/her choice.


2. Ice Cream. One of the most simple and fun outing is an ice-cream date. In the spring when the nights are warm and breezy, it’s fun to pick each other’s favorite flavors and toppings, and sit or stroll outside and enjoy a frozen sweet treat.


3. Bike it Out. There’s something so sweet about the idea of renting a couple of bikes (or using your own), and heading out for a leisurely bike ride around town. It’s a great way to feel free from the world and ride around spending quality time with someone you love.


4. Movie Night. Do date night a bit differently with your significant other this spring, and enjoy a fun flick under the stars. Enjoy the movie cuddling underneath warm blankets and pack up a picnic basket with snacks, beverages, and sweet treats of choice.


5. Picnic at the Park. Pick up a picnic basket, grab a couple of blankets, and head to the park for an easy, relaxing and romantic date night.  To make this date a little more special, make some of your significant other’s favorite finger foods, throw in some refreshing lemonade, and bring a portable speaker listen to your favorite Spotify or Pandora station to set the mood.


6. As the Sun Sets. The best things in life are free. There is really nothing more romantic than watching the sun set. After a long day or week, this is the absolute perfect way to unwind. There is nothing quite better than taking a stroll or workout on the beach at this magical hour.


7. Food Truck Fun. Casual and on trend dates are the way to go these days. Take advantage of the food truck phenomenon and spend your next date night on the streets or at  local street fairs filled with handmade items, art, and lots of food trucks.


8. Daycation. Take time off  to be spotnaneous with  your favorite person.Explore an area you’ve never been to that is close to your hometown and head out for a mini vacation and a day to remember.


9. Romantic Sailboat Ride. If you’re looking to go above and beyond on your next date night, a sailboat ride while the sun sets is the perfect idea. Take advantage of the cool spring weather, grab a bottle of your love’s favorite wine, and simply sit back and relax while soaking in the little things in life.


10. Bowling Night. Bring out your inner-child on a low-key date night. Bowling is a great indoor activity with competitive fun—a winning combination for bonding!

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