May 2011



Hines Ward is HAPPY!

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64897056 Congratulations to Hines Ward, winner of the season 12 “Dancing With the Stars!”  He is noticably HAPPY and we don’t blame him!

Hines has cha-cha-cha’d his way into our homes and hearts garnering enough fans to win the coveted mirrorball trophy!  It was a tough call, we were rooting for all three of the finalists. With Hines’ charm, athleticism and determination, the trophy was meant to be his.  It was not always a possibility, with the serious neck injury sustained by his professional dance partner, Kym Johnson, during rehearsal a couple weeks ago.  Thankfully, Kym has recovered, and has earned her first mirroball trophy in America, having won her first in Australia’s “Dancing With the Stars” season 2.

Today Kym and Hines (along with the other finalists) appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning when Hines wore it best: HAPPY.  As Hines and Kym entered the staging area in Times Square, Lara Spencer commented, “That shirt says it all, Hines is happy!”

Chelsea at rehearsal We always look forward to watching the finalists perform the freestyle routines.  Chelsea Kane has amazing technique and enough charisma to light up Hollywood.  Having been partnered with Mark Ballas, a two-time winner, was not a bad deal either.  Mark always knows how to pull it out in the free-style and this time was no exception. It was incredible!  Chelsea rocked it out in rehearsal for her hip hop routine wearing I am Chaos sweatpants from the Love 2 Love collection. Mark arrived to “Good Morning America” in our Love 2 Love I am Chaos t-shirt.  They are chaos! Congratulations, Chelsea and Mark!

Maks Free GMA No one really knew what to expect from Maks and Kirstie.  He’s the bad boy of DWTS and Kirstie was the oldest partner this season. Week after week they came to win – no matter what.  Kirstie fell down, lost a shoe, lost weight, and the list goes on….  Seems like having Maks as a partner will push you to your limits and bring out the best.  Kirstie finished in second place – BRAVO!  There are rumors that Maks may not return next season, but I hope it’s just a rumor. He looks great in our I am Free t-shirt and I want to see more of that next season! Congratulations to Kirstie and Maks for making it to second place!

Want to see the “Dancing With the Stars” After Party on GMA? Click here to watch the video (and go to the 4th marker).