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Girls Support Girls

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Peace Love World is an all-around support system for several causes including women empowerment. In November, for giving Tuesday, we partnered with QVC and the NEST foundation, which is a charity, focused on providing resources for artisan women to progress into entrepreneurs. Being that our designer, creator and visionary is a strong woman and the company is dominantly employed by women we are taking this month as an opportunity to honor women. This March, in honor of #InternationalWomensDay Alina will be an honoree at the Power of the Purse hosted by the Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade. The Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade empowers women and girls through advocacy and funding for innovative initiatives that build equality, foster social change and create community partners. Founded in 1993, The Women’s Fund is Miami-Dade’s only organization directing all of its energy toward creating equal opportunity, access and influence for women and girls. For this event, Alina has designed an exclusive “I am strong women” tee that will be available for purchase and the proceeds will benefit the Women’s Fund.In our collections, Alina takes the time to name pieces after women she loves. This spring, we have tops named after very special women in our life.


“Having been raised in a family of only strong women, to me, women are power. Warrior people. From seeing my mother succeed in what is widely thought to be a man’s field, to my grandma’s strength in acting as the sole matriarch of our family, I know firsthand that women can do anything.” – Amanda Garcia

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“Some consider their strength to be bravery, or beauty and independence, perhaps wealth, talent, intelligence, and some to be power…mine is simply being a woman.” – Lourdes Escobar

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“Nothing is more powerful than a room filled with women. Aside from our beauty, there’s something about the bond between us that is magnetic. It’s about supporting, loving and honoring one another with no competition.” –Mia Villasante

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“I’m inspired by women everyday. We are infinitely complex and varied. We can be tough and determined and also caring and tender.  We are the mothers, sisters, teachers and lovers of the world and together I believe we make the world a better place.” -Norma Olvera

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