February 2017



Gifts of LOVE

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The day of love is almost here and it’s the perfect day to honor love and everything Peace Love World stands for. Valentine’s Day is simply a day reserved for love, a day to do what feels right in celebrating the world’s most beautiful force whether it be for another person or for yourself. When it comes to relationships, no two love stories are the same! Every couple has its own dynamic; its own vibe. This year, no matter how you are going to honor your significant start the big day with a surprise gift form the heart that will make her swoon! Get inspired here.

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The perfect way to start a perfect day: a breakfast in bad made not only with love, but also with a new top telling her how you really feel. Top it off with a new piece of jewelry especially made for her, with your choice of chain and charm. Even if you are not in a relationship, prepare this wonderful breakfast for you and enjoy it, because you deserve it and if you do not love yourself first, you cannot love anyone else. It’s all about celebrating love and she will love waking up to this soft and sweet heart-filled gift with our I Love You Comfy top, mug and I am Love necklace.

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Make it personal. Gift her a sentimental package full of all her favorite things! Curated combinations of photos of your favorite moments together, the Valentine’s day basics (candy, chocolate, and a teddy bear) and our best-selling love items will make for an exceptional gift. Create the package that never ends by adding our “I love you” bracelet that will be the perfect piece of you for her to wear wherever she goes.

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Keep her on her toes! Surprise her with a hidden gift she’ll adore by placing our I am Love ring inside a chocolate box! Set her up for a cozy night with her love by adding our Comfy Top, scented candle and her favorite bubbly.

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