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June 2016



Good Mood

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10 things to put you in a good mood this summer

This summer it is important to have a good mood! These are 10 things to take inspiration from for this summer that will put you in a good mood. Sometimes it’s the small things like grabbing an ice cream or going to the beach with the ones you love that will make your days better this summer. This summer it’s about feeling good with yourself and enjoying every single day to the fullest. Lets make every day a good day this summer!

1. Take a good vacation

Vacation is a great way to get rid of stress. Try and get that time off from your daily routine. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip but it can simply be to travel somewhere close to your home even for the weekend! The purpose of this is to be relaxed and spend that time either by yourself or with the companion of your close loved ones. After this vacation you will be ready to get back to your daily routine with a good mood and a more positive mindset.

6536935f23d8aa1bd60faf1c9e32fe6c Good Mood

2. Spend time with good friends

Good close friends are hard to find and we should cherish them. Spending time with those friends will make you have great mood and enjoy your day. Even a small gathering will make your day change completely. Surround yourself with positive people who will bring out the best of you this summer!

1c91a399f254d2fecd4dffeef717ccfc Good Mood

3. Go to the beach

The beach is a healing place for every kind of problem you may be facing that day. With just a short visit to the beach your whole day could change. It has proven to get rid of bad mood and boost emotional health. 53a91f1a4afd8b60eca0323eb581eeb2 Good Mood 4. Find a good workout

Find a sport or a work out that you love. This will help you boost your energy and begin your day with a positive mind. Exercise has been seen to have physical and mental health benefits. It reduces stress, boosts happy chemicals, alleviates anxiety and boosts happy chemicals. Take advantage of the nice weather outside during the summer!

460993477cabc0394c4c65404ce366a9 Good Mood 5. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is something to keep in mind every day. Believe it or not food takes a huge part in your daily mood. Dietary will bring changes in your brain structure and it can lead to altered behavior. Choose your carbohydrates but do not eliminate them since low carbohydrates increase fatigue and reduce the desire to exercise. Have a balanced breakfast every morning, which will improve your mood and also better your memory. By eating healthy you will feel good about yourself and have the energy to do more things outdoors this summer.

343fb33096f44d52867073f8e1b4db87 Good Mood 6. Keep up with music that you love

Download the music that you love to either your phone or computer. That way you can hear them while you are taking a shower or driving to work. This will make you start your day with energy and with a good mood. Your day will be filled with happiness and joy.

0b60652bbcefd214f216f5a76aad41f4 Good Mood

7. Outdoor Movies

It is that time of the year to be outdoors and this is a perfect way to enjoy it. Either watching classic movies, terror or new released movies. Outdoor movies could be perfect for a date or to enjoy with family. Some new movie releases for this summer include; Tarzan, Now You See Me 2, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond and many more.

9b6267755995a719c908fba8ee6b20d0 Good Mood 8. Buy nice flowers to decorate your home

Having nice flowers will change the mood of your entire home. Recent research showed that flowers boost your mood, happiness, friendliness and warmth. Since it is summer there is no better way to decorate your house but with colorful flowers!

64a6df5efb18d53fdb0d27082a155cc5 Good Mood 9. Eat under the stars

Eating under the stars is only possible during the summer. This is something that you will be looking forward all day. There is something about looking at the stars in the sky that brings peacefulness to the mind.

1cc6d093925a675af50cdb8d371e0e0d Good Mood

10. Ice Cream and Popsicles

Who doesn’t love a cold ice cream or a popsicle during the summer! This is something we all crave for in those hot summer days. Ice cream causes both physical and emotional responses in people, which result in both energizing and calming effects.


e1444b795b523c28c4c107f4924d1262 Good Mood



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August 2015



Peace Love Oprah

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BlogCover Peace Love Oprah



Peace Love Oprah

A collection of apparel and home goods inspired by positive mantras from Peace Love World and Oprah.

The Hollywood Reporter has just announced…

“The O Store will include merchandise from the Peace Love Oprah collection and curated selection of items from ‘O’ magazine’s O List.

Oprah Winfrey Network is getting its own retail site.

The O Store launches today with exclusive Oprah merchandise and products from OWN shows including Super Soul Sunday. The store will also offer select styles from the Peace Love Oprah clothing line that debuted from Miami-based Peace Love World during Oprah’s The Life You Want tour.

“The idea for the store was born out of the fact that we had such an amazing product line — Peace Love Oprah — that we developed for the tour in collaboration with Peace Love World,” says OWN president Erik Logan. “We had so many requests about how to get it, that we started thinking about other items that we always heard people were looking for. It’s a combination of several exiting ideas in a curated experience.”

Although many TV networks offer online stores, OWN has the ability to pull in merchandise from beyond its television presence. The O Store, for example, will sell a curated selection of items ranging from jewelry to gadgets to treats from O magazine’s O List. The store will also feature online learning classes from OWN’s O Courses platform.

Logan says the store will evolve to feature new products but will always “have some form of curation” that allows it to provide handpicked items geared toward OWN audiences.

OWN is partnering with Delivery Agent, a San Francisco company that provides e-commerce solutions for entertainment companies, to launch the store.”

Via The Hollywood Reporter

 Shop the collection here. 




March 2015



The Ultimate Festival Experience

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Blog Cover 1 The Ultimate Festival Experience

1. Follow @PeaceLoveWorld on Pinterest.

2. Create a new board named, “My PEACE LOVE WORLD Festival Inspiration.”

3. Pin your dream festival destination and everything you need, including four Peace Love World items you would wear.

4. Use the hashtags #PeaceLoveWorld #PLWFestival2015 in the pin description.

5. The winner will be announced on March 18, 2015 and will receive their four chosen Peace Love World items.

Good Luck!

With festival season approaching, there’s nothing better than wearing the trendiest boho chic Spring and Summer styles. Take a peek at what our ideal festival experience here at Peace Love World would look like. Whether or not your festival look is ready to wear, everyone loves a little festival style inspiration, right?

tumblr n50w5i0lZc1qlglsno1 1280 1024x681 The Ultimate Festival Experience

d48644c5a729240f9d3cb4657296d4a9 The Ultimate Festival Experience

fe9ed36993e76087bfe89c1eebf411e9 The Ultimate Festival Experience

Screen Shot 2015 03 04 at 5.36.39 PM The Ultimate Festival Experience

7eb7e0985ccbc7a720889914fe4deec6 The Ultimate Festival Experience

main.original.585x0 1 The Ultimate Festival Experience

main.original.585x0 3 The Ultimate Festival Experience

main.original.585x0 4 The Ultimate Festival Experience

main.original.585x0 The Ultimate Festival Experience

1e7ef1bccef39f46a50cb793f029d1c5 The Ultimate Festival Experience

MFW Street Day2 11 The Ultimate Festival Experience

d3d8283b360fbcda2a971401ebf78b9c The Ultimate Festival Experience

e27ec8e115d417f892b4b32d03d367a6 The Ultimate Festival Experience

3bd70116a7730b0c15a3fa4791a8ecdd The Ultimate Festival Experience

tumblr n9otcn9kzC1ticpe8o1 1280 The Ultimate Festival Experience

tumblr mlc0uaiQTN1rex89io1 1280 The Ultimate Festival Experience

5e76bba23907af7371b4d3d9c13acf7f The Ultimate Festival Experience

tumblr n7fulsZMnV1tdiznyo1 500 The Ultimate Festival Experience

tumblr n9j2dqrRkn1qhsmllo1 1280 The Ultimate Festival Experience


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February 2015



I Love Date Night

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Here at Peace Love World we love everything especially Sundays, Family, and Date Night! No matter how chaotic life gets,  it’s always important to spend quality time to show love to your significant other, or even single ladies love having quality date night with their girls!  This is the perfect way to have that time to truly connect, relax, laugh and just enjoy each other’s company. Date night doesn’t always have to be fancy; it can be as simple as grabbing ice cream together or taking a stroll as the sun sets. As spring approaches, the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the options for date night are endless! From enjoying a movie to enjoying a picnic at the park, there are so many fun date ideas to try out this spring season. Here is some inspiration and the perfect tee for you to wear!

datenight cover 1024x627 I Love Date Night

1. Eat In. Staying in for dinner can be even more fun than going out. Cook a delicious  dinner using fresh spring ingredients like asparagus, mint, and fresh green snap peas. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and serve your delicious dinner outside on a candlelit table accompanied by a glass of his/her choice.

Untitled I Love Date Night

2. Ice Cream. One of the most simple and fun outing is an ice-cream date. In the spring when the nights are warm and breezy, it’s fun to pick each other’s favorite flavors and toppings, and sit or stroll outside and enjoy a frozen sweet treat.

tumblr nkaxo2i0ye1t1prrio1 1280 I Love Date Night

3. Bike it Out. There’s something so sweet about the idea of renting a couple of bikes (or using your own), and heading out for a leisurely bike ride around town. It’s a great way to feel free from the world and ride around spending quality time with someone you love.

Untitled1 832x1024 I Love Date Night

4. Movie Night. Do date night a bit differently with your significant other this spring, and enjoy a fun flick under the stars. Enjoy the movie cuddling underneath warm blankets and pack up a picnic basket with snacks, beverages, and sweet treats of choice.

Untitled2 773x1024 I Love Date Night

5. Picnic at the Park. Pick up a picnic basket, grab a couple of blankets, and head to the park for an easy, relaxing and romantic date night.  To make this date a little more special, make some of your significant other’s favorite finger foods, throw in some refreshing lemonade, and bring a portable speaker listen to your favorite Spotify or Pandora station to set the mood.

Untitled21 768x1024 I Love Date Night

6. As the Sun Sets. The best things in life are free. There is really nothing more romantic than watching the sun set. After a long day or week, this is the absolute perfect way to unwind. There is nothing quite better than taking a stroll or workout on the beach at this magical hour.

Untitled3 I Love Date Night

7. Food Truck Fun. Casual and on trend dates are the way to go these days. Take advantage of the food truck phenomenon and spend your next date night on the streets or at  local street fairs filled with handmade items, art, and lots of food trucks.

Untitled4 682x1024 I Love Date Night

8. Daycation. Take time off  to be spotnaneous with  your favorite person.Explore an area you’ve never been to that is close to your hometown and head out for a mini vacation and a day to remember.

Untitled5 682x1024 I Love Date Night

9. Romantic Sailboat Ride. If you’re looking to go above and beyond on your next date night, a sailboat ride while the sun sets is the perfect idea. Take advantage of the cool spring weather, grab a bottle of your love’s favorite wine, and simply sit back and relax while soaking in the little things in life.

Untitled6 I Love Date Night

10. Bowling Night. Bring out your inner-child on a low-key date night. Bowling is a great indoor activity with competitive fun—a winning combination for bonding!

Untitled7 819x1024 I Love Date Night Get your date night look here! 




February 2015



Spring Lookbook 2015

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Spring15 Lookbookupdate 791x1024 Spring Lookbook 2015

“Every season I try to go deeper into my soul and reflect upon what it is that I want to achieve in my life and tie it into my collections. This season, the woman I wanted to embody is romantic bohemian with a cool sportiness. In the process of searching my soul, I focused on the world around us and the fundamental values for living. This means incorporating soulful messages with deep undertones of peace, love and happiness. Live in the moment and bring out your inner light with orange and bright pink accents.

Spring 2015 marks the introduction of my very own collection. Alina Villasante, where I hope to inspire all women around me with my personal style, merging sophistication and comfort. I want the Alina Villasante collection to be the benchmark of style for Peace Love World and continue spreading the positive energy I intend to spread in all my other collections.” – Alina Villasante  

M4A0505 2 1024x590 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate3 e1424114732708 662x1024 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate4 e1424114793590 662x1024 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate5 e1424114847830 662x1024 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate6 e1424114890133 662x1024 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate7 e1424114943241 662x1024 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate8 e1424114979361 662x1024 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate9 e1424115073342 662x1024 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate10 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate11 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate12 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate13 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate14 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate15 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate16 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate17 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate18 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015

Spring15 Lookbookupdate19 1024x662 Spring Lookbook 2015 Shop the Spring 2015 collection here.



February 2015



Top 10 Miami Valentine’s Date Night Spots

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, and here at Peace Love World it’s one of our absolute favorite holidays. The powerful statement of Love is something that our company truly believes in and stands for. Every garment of clothing we make is infused with love in the form of eight embroidered red dash-marks, one dash for every letter in the world “love” and the word “amor.” With love comes romance, and this is the perfect chance for you and your significant other to let your world slip into oblivion, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s officially time to start making those special Valentine’s Day reservations for you and your sweetheart. Miami has some of the best settings and offerings in the country, where you will be able to enjoy inventive food pairings, original themes, dreamy ambiences, and lots of flowing wine. Fall in love with some of our personal favorites.


Area 31 at The Epic Hotel

home 31 1024x682 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

Area 31 2 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

Located in downtown Miami’s Brickell neighborhood on the 16th floor of the EPIC Hotel, Area 31 has one of the most breathtaking views in the city. Executive chef, Wolfgang Birk, will present an exceptional three-course menu featuring ingredients that have been specifically destined for romance, as well as a half bottle of Laurent Perrier.


Azul at The Mandarin Oriental

mandarin oriental miami 966x543 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

Mandarin oriental Miami La Mar Terrace 1024x682 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

An intimate waterfront restaurant overlooking Biscayne Bay and the Miami Skyline, Azul’s contemporary French-Asian fusion cuisine is as breathtaking as its beautiful views. Romantic décor featuring glowing candlelight makes this restaurant suitable for a quiet evening; this is the perfect place to set the Valentine’s Day mood.


Bianca at The Delano

content Bianca Terrace at Delano Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

0a1d0b69b4e6d7c79f2b6f6a67d75531 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots


Bianca at The Delano is the ultimate oasis of sensuality and soul, effortlessly chic and flirtatious this is one of the most popular destinations for this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy a candle lit dinner along with a set three-course menu at this private haven for sunbathing, happy hours, romantic evenings, and all around indulgence.


Cecconi’s Restaurant at Soho Beach House

Cecconis Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

cecconi 1024x679 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

Truly one of the most romantic meals in Miami is at Cecconi’s. Situated in one of the city’s swankiest venues, the restaurant is reasonably priced, beautiful, and absolutely delicious. While there is no set menu, this is one of the most romantic settings you’ll find. The best table is #107, situated directly under the famously lit tree.


Crazy About You

Crazy About You 38 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

93381 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

“Love is not something you are, love is something you become.” – Alina Villasante. This Valentine’s Day melt at the sight of the glistening aquamarine waters at one Brickell’s most upscale preferred destinations. Crazy About You offers a decadent menu with an exciting mix of International taste, and on this Valentine’s Day you will be able to enjoy an elaborate three-course meal.


The Forge

The Forge Cool Miami Restaurant 1024x652 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

the forge website gallery 2 1024x512 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

This romantic wine bar will serve a specialty menu under the direction of executive chef Dewey LoSasso, who will be using specialty ingredients that are best known for being aphrodisiacs, such as dark chocolate and truffles. The Forge is also the perfect destination for wine aficionados, where they will be able to take it to the next level and spoil the one they love by being surrounded by some of rarest bottles of wine that exist.


Il Mulino New York

DSC 0652 RET SM Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

image Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

Il Mulino New York, one of Miami’s most sophisticated spots is coming together on Valentine’s Day to give you and your significant other the “Feast of Seven Fishes.” Enjoy classic Italian Cuisine melds with Art Deco scenes on beautiful South Beach. Blending the sophistication of New York with elegance at the heart of the South of fifth neighborhood, enjoy an exquisite set menu paired with an extensive selection of wine.


Joey’s In Wynwood

Jay Z Beyonce Wynwood Miami Joeys Italian Cafe Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

brooklyn street art shepard farey martha cooper wynwood walls miami 12 12 web 7 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots


This Valentine’s Day, Joey’s in Wynwood will be offering a special three-course menu, which will also include a half bottle of champagne per couple. Joey’s serves Wynwood’s burgeoning arts community with a fine-tuned menu of healthy, yet classic dishes from Venice. After dinner, couples can also enjoy a romantic stroll through the world’s greatest art at the Wynwood Walls.


Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

1st.0 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

Sugarcane Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

Let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you while enjoying Sugarcane’s very own specialty drink “The V-Day Crush.” Located in the heart of Miami’s emerging Midtown district, this is definitely a must go to destination on Valentine’s Day!


Vita by Baoli

Miami Baoli Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

baoli miami 2 Top 10 Miami Valentines Date Night Spots

Dine your heart out at Baoli! Located in the heart of South Beach, a Frank Sinatra cover singer will set the mood at this romantic restaurant, while you and your significant other enjoy the restaurant’s new menu by executive chef Marc Debas.


Shop the perfect Valentine’s date night look here. #LoveIsEverything







December 2014



I love Holidays

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DEARSANTA I love Holidays

Get inspired for the holidays with decor, dessert and gift wrapping ideas to fill your season with love. 9788107577ab8d0eb931a07290dda75e I love Holidays

5b849ad33b2713ecebc99475979e4483 682x1024 I love Holidays

8cc3506c6657067d22b227a3ad5b6d7e I love Holidays

buttermint cookies I love Holidays

2ba13f8d95098ea12a6c5443bc509ecb I love Holidays

a94fe49a7ec6666513a1141a87c56e0f I love Holidays

37505a1d6bdf758e3daa5566d244d187 680x1024 I love Holidays

23853a00ee8ceba448e96b34f3e13c34 I love Holidays

70b5543adbd4db506be98c8953916de5 I love Holidays

a4506022c96d5b585b839c224b74ca03 1 I love Holidays

extra2 I love Holidays

chocolate kiss sprinkle cookies 2 685x1024 I love Holidays

chocolatekisscookies 12 I love Holidays
Christmas food gift idea 464x650 I love Holidays

Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake Recipe 3 I love Holidays

Creative Christmas Food Design 3 I love Holidays

292c479520a9d3b3361b5e6e51895bab I love Holidays

2cd75d644f2f12c0e2ba98f13a1b471d I love Holidays Follow us on Pinterest here.




October 2014



Fall for the Soul

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COVER2 1024x1024 Fall for the Soul


food || home

Everyone anticipates when leaves change, temperature drops and a fashion new year. A time of year that restores the soul. Get inspired on how to spend this Fall in spirit with family, friends, travel, new recipes, fun and creativity.

main.original.585x0 5 Fall for the Soul

candycorncookies 10 Fall for the Soul

c3cbbb67dea6075985e4242b06030025 553x1024 Fall for the Soul

55611570606ed232815efca6c51346f2 686x1024 Fall for the Soul

main.original.585x0 3 Fall for the Soul

1ff380015092d8497f9c79ff3325ce6e Fall for the Soul

main.original.585x0 9 Fall for the Soul

73b7b8154b72ac74d83d777e7decbc04 Fall for the Soul

f33d0e104dd9a40b94a57f7bb730c083 Fall for the Soul

f8e5c6602b1ccdbd24cd6f3c3d6fd10f Fall for the Soul

Spiced Pumpkin and Maple Syrup Fall for the Soul

5f6e007b566a23887d5b406728892042 682x1024 Fall for the Soul

main.original.585x0 7 Fall for the Soul

tumblr nduy3pQVOH1r4pkz0o1 500 Fall for the Soul

main.original.585x0 4 567x1024 Fall for the Soul

main.original.585x0 14 Fall for the Soul

butternut squash mac n cheese1 Fall for the Soul

037fc9f366c1e75c4f2ba90da1f711d2 Fall for the Soul

57a5989ebdb4f05c40f4a82161b40fc3 Fall for the Soul

b145acbef433d1469310a84b18df70c1 Fall for the Soul

main.original.585x0 13 Fall for the Soul

78bb13ed90e7e2585e670ff873a2354a Fall for the Soul

Caramel Apple Nachos 8 Fall for the Soul

main.original.585x0 12 Fall for the Soul

85a825f82a97a74b098a1649c32f40cf Fall for the Soul

Untitled 3 1024x768 Fall for the Soul

bc177faa509af99e64b1eb9178905ec1 683x1024 Fall for the Soul

c1d84d468821aed51d85e16cda3a56ae Fall for the Soul

d299affb1c45b88b9e4a0ea9f5bda6c51 595x1024 Fall for the Soul

tumblr ndbnl24dEm1ql7y7zo1 500 Fall for the Soul

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July 2014



Fall ’14 Inspo

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COVER1 1024x614 Fall 14 Inspo



Fall is a time of transition. As the Peace Love World story unfolds, I am always looking for new avenues of inspiration. For this collection, I looked for the spiritual connection between love, the cosmos and the power of nature. I spent many nights looking at the stars, thinking about how we are all connected on a universal level. I chose symbols and words that express inner strength and cosmic love and brought it all back to Earth by putting them on elegant, cultured fabrics. This translated into beautiful apparel fit for falling in love, feeling free and harnessing the power within. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface, too. Many pieces contain hidden messages and symbols sewn and printed on the inside for personal inspiration -just for you- in the hopes that you’ll feel connected to us, to the Universe and, most importantly, to your soul. Love is the power that connects us all to each other and to the Universe itself. ~Alina Villasante

tumblr mv9qorAVO31rtc2bno1 500 Fall 14 Inspo

elle france july 2013 6 Fall 14 Inspo

salonben6 Fall 14 Inspo

erin wasson beach horse Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr n1u49amNIu1rnfb9bo1 500 1 Fall 14 Inspo

43bf8d1a7973d12bbdfba82c342a2475 Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr n1b07zCOah1s8rlzuo1 500 Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr n1assmiikv1s23ewao1 500 Fall 14 Inspo

DUO 1024x708 Fall 14 Inspo

voguestylespy blameitonfashion5 zps3252b323 Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr mh5rw3mNX31qzgajlo1 500 Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr n0w9w5XRgp1r0pd9yo1 500 Fall 14 Inspo

Screen Shot 2014 07 09 at 11.13.47 AM Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr m555i30uj11rqmldyo1 500 Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr n39mveJPcM1qj6yu8o1 1280 698x1024 Fall 14 Inspo

TRIO2 1024x708 Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr mowz3iiipr1qcv7x7o1 500 Fall 14 Inspo


TRIO 1024x614 Fall 14 Inspo

Kirstin Kragh Liljegren.16 768x1024 Fall 14 Inspo

620x413xmango spring 2014 campaign2.jpg.pagespeed.ic .UFQSRROiqh Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr n417n1cCMs1qkegsbo1 400 Fall 14 Inspo

DUO21 1024x708 Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr mpdihjaRaW1qfrtudo1 1280 683x1024 Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr muhnh0sZXP1qa9e9fo1 500 Fall 14 Inspo

tumblr mkw0ohc1Fu1s2ii0go1 500 Fall 14 Inspo

View the lookbook here.  



June 2014