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September 2014



Peace Love Oprah

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OprahSocial 1024x1024 Peace Love Oprah Peace Love World is thrilled to announce the creation of the “Peace Love Oprah” collection available exclusively for guests attending Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend multi-city tour event this fall throughout the United States. The “Peace Love Oprah” collection features women’s apparel and accessories, including tees, tote bags, a hoodie and iPhone case that combine Peace Love World’s signature peace and love graphics with Oprah Winfrey’s iconic “signature.”

The two brands together is an organic collaboration that makes sense on every level. Each brand represents positivity and soulful inspiration.  We both have a mission of love and empowerment. For Alina Villasante, this collaboration has been a dream come true – something she manifested through her intentions, she put this goal out into the universe!  Like Oprah said, “It is very true that the way you think creates reality for your self, there are other factors going on, so it’s not everything but you can really change your own reality based on the way that you think.” Oprah’s team selected Alina and Peace Love World to design the official tour merchandise because it was the right combination of fashion with a message for Oprah’s Life You Want Tour. And we couldn’t be more thrilled! Alina Villasante hosted 3 Peace Love World fashion shows on the O Town stage last Friday in Atlanta and will continue to do this in select cities throughout the tour, to kick-off the weekend experience of powerful transformation. O Town is a pop-up town square filled with booths, lounges, and photo kiosks available for all event attendees to enjoy throughout Friday from 10am-6pm and Saturday from 7am-4pm.The tour will now travel to seven more cities across the country to inspire thousands of people who are looking for a message and inspiration on how to create the life they want. The tour ends its run the weekend of November 14-15 in San Jose, California.  Each city will be a full weekend of positive energy, meditation, motivation and inspiration for YOU to write your own story – live the life you want! On Friday evening, attendees are treated to a welcome by Oprah.  Saturday is a full day workshop with Oprah and her trailblazers such as Deepak Chopra or Mark Nepo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell, and Iyanla Vanzant. You will only get back as much as you put in.

Peace Love Oprah merchandise will be available exclusively to The Life You Want Weekend Tour ticket holders in all eight cities beginning on Friday, September 5th in Atlanta. Peace Love Oprah merchandise ranges from $20-$60. Tickets are available at www.oprahweekend.com.

IMG 1931 Peace Love Oprah

PLO1 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO3 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO4 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO5 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO7 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO9 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO10 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO14 574x1024 Peace Love Oprah


PLO13 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO15 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO16 1024x768 Peace Love Oprah

PLO17 1024x768 Peace Love Oprah

PLW6 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLOQ 1024x682 Peace Love Oprah

PLO21 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO22 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO8 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLW2 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLW21 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

PLO19 1024x574 Peace Love Oprah

hashtag 1024x682 Peace Love Oprah



 Follow the journey on Instagram and Twitter by following @LifeYouWantTour and @PeaceLoveWorld.





August 2014



Meet Mia V.

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COVER2 Meet Mia V.


Who is Mia V.? She is your best and most reliable friend and the one that you can always count on. She is easy-going and goes with the flow. She is the ultimate tee made up of a perfect neck, length, and sleeves with a silky soft fabric like none other. She stands out whether she is alone or worn as a layering essential. She is the most transitional, timeless and classic piece on the street and can be your date from day to night. Get inspired with three of the many ways to wear the perfect go-to tee.

Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 6.50.51 PM 1024x639 Meet Mia V.

I love Sundays Black Baseball Cap, Love2Love Kanga Pant, Black I am Love Mia V, Alexander Wang Backpack

Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 6.51.02 PM 1024x633 Meet Mia V.

 I am Love Natural Boheme Moni Vest, Rag n Bone Jeans, Celine Nano Bag, Zara Fedora Hat, Valentino Sneakers, Black I am Love Mia V

Screen Shot 2014 08 26 at 6.52.17 PM 1024x613 Meet Mia V. Peace Love World Black Hatoa Bag, I am Love Silk NeckerChief, I am Love Black Boheme Scuba Legging, Dita Sunglasses, White I am Love Mia V

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August 2014



Style Statement

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BLOGCOVER Style Statement


The pattern has developed and tribal is trending.. AGAIN! When it comes to style, it gets personal and tribal is the epitome of you. From bold graphic prints to simple shapes and from earth tones to bright shades, bohemian chic is taking over the runway. It is a state of mind to be bohemian and is a style that will never fade.  This season our accessories were inspired by Aztec prints that are bold and detailed. We took it back to our roots and put our classic symbols together to create an exclusive Peace Love World Aztec print. Shop our bold, fun and flirty accessories available now in stores and online! Follow the trend here.

arty 516867947 north 883x Style Statement

Unknown 1024x579 Style Statement
MISSVOGUE Style Statement

tumblr n59fgtaydM1r0pug4o1 500 Style Statement

Unknown 2 1024x608 Style Statement

tumblr n23g1dyTrJ1sxp6a5o1 500 Style Statement

TRIBAL 1024x463 Style Statement

tumblr n20difEEKe1sqj5nqo1 500 Style Statement

tumblr n93efdPZN31ryq2zfo1 400 Style Statement

tumblr n9jsudbjfK1s8rlzuo1 500 Style Statement

tumblr n6fodupcZE1smwr3ho1 500 Style Statement

tumblr n6enxtjpmQ1qldxugo1 1280 Style Statement

tumblr n1dvgoYsBU1s3awqio1 1280 Style Statement

Screen Shot 2014 08 15 at 2.56.33 PM Style Statement

Screen Shot 2014 08 15 at 2.52.02 PM 746x1024 Style Statement

Screen Shot 2014 08 15 at 2.51.29 PM Style Statement



August 2014



Strength in Love

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JM4A5431 copybw copy 1024x682 Strength in Love

Fashion’s favorite season is here and its time to get cozy, layer and accessorize your best trends during the year of the horse. The fall story unfolds and guides your soul to find strength in love through deep earth tones and powerful motifs that touch you from the inside out. They express the connection between your inner strength and your heart. This book features inspiring words, beautiful imagery, top notch styling and the motivation to find strength in love from within. Take your time to connect on a deeper level. Let our Fall Collection inspire you to look and feel your best by harnessing the power within. Follow the creator and visionary’s inspiration here.

JM4A1291 1024x682 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 03 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 04 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 05 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 06 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 07 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 08 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 09 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 10 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 11 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 12 1024x837 Strength in Love

Fall14 Lookbook  Page 13 1024x837 Strength in Love

JM4A5441 copybw 1024x982 Strength in Love


Shop the Fall Collection 2014 here. 



July 2014



Modern Hepburn

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COVER2 1024x682 Modern Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn has been the iconic fashionista for decades. As women we all dream of romance, beauty, and elegance. We work everyday to embrace our inner Hepburn. The Camila off the shoulder top offers a sexy and stylish yet refined look. Add the Hepburn touch to your look with a flirty skirt, cat-eye sunnies and our timeless and classic day to night top.

DUO1 1024x778 Modern Hepburn JM4A2200 682x1024 Modern Hepburn

JM4A2222 1024x682 Modern Hepburn

POLYVORE psd 1024x1024 Modern Hepburn

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July 2014



Miami Swim Week

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COVERpsd1 1024x823 Miami Swim Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014 marks 10 years of being one of the most highly anticipated and well-attended events in Miami. It’s the time of year when South Beach is infested with tanned legs, chiseled models, sexy bikinis and hot events. Similar to other fashion weeks, this is a time where every swimwear lover in the world comes to one place to discover the newest trends, fall in love with this season’s must-haves and to have fun in Miami.

We hope you can join us in this week’s exciting events at Miami Swim Week. Peace Love World will be featured in a raffle and gift with purchase with the Gimme Books stand at the Raleigh Hotel. Below are some ways you can incorporate your favorite pieces of the summer into your wardrobe off the runway. Happy Swimming!

POOLSIDE1 1024x1024 Miami Swim Week

BEACHLIVIN copy 1024x1024 Miami Swim Week

SHOWSTOPPIN  copy 1024x1024 Miami Swim Week


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