June 2017



Cancer Season 2017

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Your peace, love and happiness  horoscope says that during your time to shine (with the sun being in your sign) life is about you and what you want. The world is letting you hold your own value and you are the center of your own space. Even if you have been burned or lost hope, it is all telling you to slow down and learn who you are. This is a time to go back to what centers you and makes you happy. It is about your identity and what you bring to the table. There is a high energy coming in that is telling you to build and take time to go through the details that help you identify yourself. Come to terms with the loyal, strong, loving woman that you are. Focus on your projects and the things that matter to you are what you should be focusing on to let your love and everything else will fall into place in the background. Your creative power is the kind of energy that will make everything else want to be a part of your world.  The love element is able to follow in when you live your passion and your joy in your choice of project. It is magnetic. You are expanding and growing and really coming into your own, and although you may have an emotional block wanting to pull you back because of love and loss challenges, it is a trap you should not fall for. This is a time to move forward and look into the horizon. Use and trust your intuition to realize what you really know. You know you are building to have new love, new hope, new career. When it is your time to be the center, own it because you deserve it. The universe is inviting you to be YOU.
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