April 2012



Bunny Business

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Jennifer-Lopez-and-Casper-Smart-with-Max-Anthony Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing an At Peace Love 2 Love hoodie and pants set from the Love 2 Love Collection as she took her twins to visit the Easter bunny at the outdoor mall, The Grove, in LA yesterday. She also brought along back-up dancer and new boyfriend Casper Smart who recently tweeted an adorable picture of the happy couple watching the sunrise on the beach (with Jennifer showing her love in our Just Love Pima tee!

We can’t say she wears it just for comfort anymore. Our signature L2L hoodie and pant combo that Jennifer Lopez has been spotted wearing numerous times, has become more of a fashion statement! Is it to spread peace and love to the world? Or maybe it’s to say that being fashionable can also be comfy? We like to think both! Whether it’s with a neat bun, salon ready curls, or casual waves, J.LO sports the pant and hoodie set with any hair style and knows how to make it work. Just like Jennifer, (who’s come a long way since her days as a Fly Girl on In Living Color) pair it with some fly kicks and aviator sunglasses, our L2L hoodie and pants are perfect to wear at home or out and about!