April 2012



Behind the Desk of Juani Valdes

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Take a closer look “Behind the Desk” of Peace Love World employee Jauni with some questions that’ll give you a feel for what a day in her shoes is like. Dillen Photo Shoot 109

“Desk? What desk?! I don’t have time to sit at a desk!” – Juani Valdes

– How long have you worked at Peace Love World?
Almost two and half years now.

– What is your job title?
Peace Love Retail! I’m the Retail Coordinator for our retail stores located in Miami, FL.

Dillen Photo Shoot 103 – What is a typical day at work for you?
Well, I pretty much visit all the stores daily and make sure they all look perfect and the same! They need to be nice and tidy at all times, have enough of the latest product, and I also make sure our staff has everything they need at the stores.

– What is your favorite PLW garment to wear?
I love to wear a white Boheme Swing top with White Wide leg pants. It’s perfect for Miami weather (when it’s not raining of course). I look and feel light and fresh all day.

– Give us your most enjoyable moment when you were at work.
I think when I’m able to leave work and feel like I’ve accomplished a lot are my most enjoyable days. I love the days when there are very few kinks and I feel like I’ve conquered all my to-dos. We have to write a daily task list and send them to our boss at the end of the day, and when I see my list is long and complete, I have a huge smile on my way home from work.

– What’s your favorite food?
Italian. I love spiced flavors and herbs. I’m all about flavor!

Dillen Photo Shoot 108 – Why do you love working for Peace Love World?
Because I’m helping my friend make her dreams come true. I’ve known Alina since our daughters were three years old. She’s always talked about starting this company and it’s great to be a part of it when she’s talked about it for so many years. It also inspires me to do more, give more, and to make people happy.