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July 2012



PLW Scores a Homerun

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It’s all about Miami… the Miami Marlins, our Major League Baseball team, that is!  As you know, Peace Love World is a Miami-based company, and we LOVE our home teams. We were especially excited while watching The Franchise: A Season With The Miami Marlins last night and we spotted Ibis Guillen wearing a Peace Love World top!

I know some of you may be asking, who is Ibis Guillen?  Ibis is Ozzie Guillen’s -(the coach of the Miami Marlins)- wife of nearly 30 years. The show spent a day with the Guillens, and Ibis looked fantastic in our Amanda Boheme Almond Tank (the color looks amazing on every skin color!). Ibis explained how family oriented she and Ozzie are and, followed by a photo tour of the Guillens influential past in baseball.

If you want to catch up with the show, it’s on Showtime Wednesdays at 10 PM ET/PT. Incased you missed this episode it will be airing again Thursday, July 26, 10PM ET/PT on SHO EXTREME.

Do you love the Amanda Boheme Almond Tank as much as Ibis?  Get yours today!